Proudly Built in the USA!
Where exclusive designs & successful
rescues become one!
A premier commercial builder not a recreational builder trying to be a commercial
*Reinforced Hull, Grid Structure & Engine Stand-Protected under US Patent 8,757,085  *Superior hulls
*Original builders of the heated aluminum cabin *weathertight bulkheads * *Builders of the SAR Enviro-Shield
Cabin *Innovative designs reduce worries of hull swamping and damage from ice channeling
Midwest Rescue Airboats  Mailing Address: 817 E. 12th Street, Eudora, KS 66025  Facility: 809 E. Warren St., Gardner, KS 66030
Cathy: 785-760-4467  Email:      Matt: 785-766-2031 Email:

Midwest is the Original Designer and Manufacture of many unique features that enable our watercraft to
out perform its peers. As a direct result of the success of Midwest's designs and manufacturing other
companies are starting to mimic Midwest's airboats. Although imitation is a form of flattery, Midwest feels
compelled to inform you that we are not affiliated or associated with any of these imitations in any manner.

If you are looking for a reliable Ice Rescue Craft and/or Multi Mission Capable Platform please be aware of
found in all multi mission
capable platforms!
hulls now available in 7.2, 7.3 & 8.3 configurations for superior
wave cutting in up to sea state 3 conditions!

Thank you for visiting our site! All of our platforms are built with the following in mind:
*Available in 7.2, 7.3 & 8.3 Hull choices for SS3 "sea-state conditions"
*Enviro-Shield or Aluminum shell cabins
*Multiple sliding or gull wing door configurations
*Roomy cabin for transporting of patients, cargo or supplies
*Aluminum cabin provides roll over protection and maintains heat where canvas tops do not!
*Patented reinforced hull, strongest on the market today! Far superior than kevlar hulls and
"florida-style" hulls
*Where other manufactures build their boats to avoid ice, we build our boats to "hit ice head-0n"!
*Where recreational boat builders add more t-bars & ice braces to withstand the ice,  the fact remains it  
is still a "recreational" boat. Midwest's standard has always been to build our platform's for hull
survivability without the need for additional added structure.  Where other hulls have FAILED, our
hulls PREVAIL!
"He who creates his own is
He who works hard for
years, survives his own
"trials & errors" by his own
financial hand is PROVEN,
He who acquires success
through other's hard work is
merely a COPY OF WHO

  -Cathy Cain
Shapes protected under Patent 8,757,085
It's been 5yrs since we delivered our MMCP which was the basis of our journey
leading to our Reinforced Hull Patent 8,757,085 received on June 24, 2015!
We've been told our boats exceed in performance & survivability from the
"Florida style". Our unique pyramidal grid system has multiple variations of
angles & various shapes with or without dimple dies. We are proud to say that to
this day we haven't had one hull failure.... The proof is in the pics!
Pyramidal grid system ONLY
found in boats built by Midwest
Rescue Airboats protected under
Patent 8,757,085!
Pyramidal grid system ONLY found in boats
built by Midwest Rescue Airboats protected
under Patent 8,757,085