REINFORCED BOAT HULL PATENT 8,757,085!  Born as a "vision" and designed in 2008, we had no idea how much this
grid would REDEFINE the commercial airboat industry! The integrity & strength of our hull was born through our pyramidal
interlocking grid system, which has left our mark as the "Original" and "Stand Alone" Commercial Kansas manufacturer of
premiere ice rescue airboats built to withstand ice and extreme harsh environments without the need of additional
internal structure.

We have spent years through Research and Development, ingenuity and creativity to bring to the commercial community a
boat that performs above customer expectations. Midwest's goal through our inventiveness and designing capabilities
enables us to continue to manufacture reliable and safe platforms for all operational environments.  We found that T-bar
structure primarily found in standard airboats was not reliable, survivable or suitable for the extreme environments
operated in by our clients. Our grid structure, more durable and lighter than t-bars, stacks up competitively pound for
Where other manufactures have used canvas tops, we are the first manufacture to build heated aluminum cabins with
roll-over protection.  Our completely sealed aluminum hulls with bulkheads not only provides buoyancy, but protection
from "swamping".
Midwest Rescue Airboats GSA Contract# GS-07F-0198Y. Please visit
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We are proud to announce the development and manufacturing of two
(GD-MMCP) Global Deployable Multi Mission Capable Platforms to be delivered
Summer 2014. These platforms will be the first to employ Midwest's newest
innovation-SAR ENVIRO-SHIELD cabin technology.  This cabin technology
provides additional features such as enhanced temperature control by up to
50% and improved noise reduction by up to 30%. These GD-MMCPs will be the
FIRST to employ the Parameter Safety Zone Camera System.

Midwest is the Original Designer and Manufacturer of many unique features that enable our watercraft to out
perform its peers. As a direct result of the success of Midwest's designs and manufacturing other companies are
starting to mimic Midwest's airboats. Although imitation is a form of flattery, Midwest feels compelled to inform
you that we are not affiliated or associated with any of these imitations in any manner.

If you are looking for a reliable Ice Rescue Craft and/or Multi Mission Capable Platform
please be aware of the imitators. FOR THE ORIGINAL....BUY MIDWEST!
found in all multi mission
capable platforms!
hulls now available in 7.2, 7.3 & 8.3 configurations for
superior wave cutting in up to sea state 3 conditions!

A premier commercial builder not a recreational builder trying to be a commercial builder!
*Reinforced Hull, Grid Structure & Engine Stand-Protected under US Patent 8,757,085  *Superior hulls *Original builders
of the heated aluminum cabin *weathertight bulkheads * *Builders of the SAR Enviro-Shield Cabin *Innovative designs
reduce worries of hull swamping and damage from ice channeling
HDX HULLS & SAR enviro-shield cabins now available with class iii & iiia
ballistics for law enforcement and military applications