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The "Original" and "Stand Alone" Kansas manufacturer of ice rescue
airboats built to withstand ice and extreme harsh environments without
the need of additional internal structure. We have spent years through
Research and Development, ingenuity and creativity to bring to the
commercial community a boat that performs above customer
expectations. Midwest's goal through our inventiveness and designing
capabilities enables us to continue to manufacture reliable and safe
platforms for all operational environments.  We do not use T-bars and
were the first to use our "patent-pending" interlocking pyramidal grid
system in airboats. Where other manufactures have used canvas tops,
we are the first manufacture to build heated aluminum cabins with
roll-over protection.  Our completely sealed aluminum hulls with
bulkheads not only provides buoyancy, but protection from "swamping".

Welded Pyramidal Grid System-Original "patent-pending"
exclusively designed for MRA's Ice Rescue Airboats.
Midwest Rescue Airboats full line of Multi Capable HDX Hull Airboats.
HDX-Hull Dynamic Extreme
SS3-Sea State Capabilities
EV7-Extended V-bow 7 for superior wave control

Welded Stanchion Grid-Our next generation grid for
extreme ice and superior strength.
By combining these structural grids, the
"HDX" hull was born. Depending upon hull
applications it out performs and is lighter
and stronger than "T-bar" and "fiberglass
kevlar" hulls. Midwest is proud to have
designed and was the first to implement an
interior structure capable of surviving the
harshest of environments. Our
in house
manufactured grid system is the foundation
for our highly successful, one of a kind Multi
Mission Capable Platforms. Midwest has
"raised the bar" and made it's mark in the
ice rescue airboat industry with its
"proven" designs and "thinking outside the
Midwest Rescue Airboats GSA Contract# GS-07F-0198Y. Please visit
GSA by clicking on the "GSA" icon to view our products. To the left
hand side of the page you'll see GSA Advantage. Click to proceed to
the GSA Advantage page. Type in our Company name or Contract
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Midwest's Manufacturing/Operations Mgr., Brian Cain
seatrialing 8' x 18' MMCP for one of our Nebraska Customers.
Our MMCP's are not just for ice rescue or search and
rescue operations, but are a perfect application for Oil
and Gas exploration and maintenance from Louisiana to
Alaska. Let us custom build for your application today!
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Our USCG 8' x 22' Special Purpose Craft in Action!
Photos courtesy of Kansas City Fire Department
Photo courtesy of Massport Fire Rescue
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Midwest is the Original Designer and Manufacturer of many unique features that enable
our watercraft to out perform its peers. As a direct result of the success of Midwest's
designs and manufacturing other companies are starting to mimic Midwest's airboats.
Although imitation is a form of flattery, Midwest feels compelled to inform you that we
are not affiliated or associated with any of these imitations in any manner.

If you are looking for a reliable Ice Rescue Craft and/or Multi Mission Capable Platform
please be aware of the imitators. FOR THE ORIGINAL....BUY MIDWEST!
Photo courtesy of Grosse Ile Fire Rescue
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